ICS would like to thank our customers for their unfailing support over the last few years. This has brought a consistent growth to our business that has seen an increase in demand for our products and services. This enables ICS, amongst other things, to research and develop new products in the market place and bring them to our customers to expand and improve our service offer.

Our service besides providing first-class products is about the customer experience in dealing with ICS. This is facilitated by our excellent sales team and the efforts of our fulfillment personnel, getting the products introduced, built, tested and delivered on time to our customer base, often on a next-day-delivery basis.

We look forward to the next stage in our growth as a company and service. We beleive any developments within ICS will also be to the benefit of all our customers.

Not resting on our laurels however, and with the continued uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU, possibly affecting ICS’s business and service offer in the very near future we have decided, for the benefit of our customers, to invest in expansion and create more warehouse space to have a wider range and greater depth of products available here in the UK. With the dedicated help of our personnel, this will enable to keep business-as-usual with no reduction in service quality or delays in supply of any of our products while leaving the EU or in any future relationship.